Manchester-UnitedManchester United is a dominant force in football right now, taking possession and keeping possession of the ball throughout each match. With a strong coach and domineering coach in charge, the players engage in strong counter-attacks, preventing the other team from scoring at all. In spite of maintaining a strong team, there are many factors that could knock them out of the spotlight.

The Return of Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo’s career in football is enviable to most athletes, since he has been named the best player in the world and best Portuguese player of all time by the Portuguese Football Federation. However, his inspiration was lost when his previous coach and father figure passed away a few years ago. If he were to return to the team under Assuming Louis van Gaal’s contract, which is due to last another two years, his abilities may suffer while under the reign of Louis van Gaal’s notoriously dictatorial style, which already has made it difficult to work with players that have smaller egos than Ronaldo.

 The End of Van Gaal’s Contract

Within the next two years, the success of Van Gaal may be coming to a close when his contract ends. His style has not been warranting successful results, as he begins to realize that possession of the ball is only half of the required skills needed to earn a winning score. Van Gaal told local newspapers that he doubles his ability to turn the team around, even saying that he would resign his position with the team if the results did not improve, which would be the seventh time he resigned within his managerial career.

The Beginning of the End

While Manchester United is a major competitor, the players and managers have been making few efforts to win during even the smallest matches. The team that was once ranked higher than most other teams has become lazier, paying less attention to detail for even minor issues. Like many other large teams, they have stalled, slowed, and potentially regressed in skill and drive. While assistance from Cristiano Ronaldo may help the skill set of Manchester United, the most crucial factor is in finding a manager than can motivate the players to put their best foot forward, rather than becoming arrogant as their salaries increase. Without the right direction and mental motivation, Manchester United risks losing their stance in the football world.