Break-Up Tips

break-upBreaking up is a difficult thing to do, no matter whether you are the one ending the relationship or the one that was blind sighted by your former girlfriend. Dealing with the pain of being left by someone you trusted is difficult to get past, but you can. With a little bit of help friends and some motivation, you can heal and move forward into finding the right relationship.

Sort Through Your Emotions

If your relationship was longer than a month or two, you may need time to sift through the wealth of emotions you are experiencing. Feelings of anger, resentment, jealousy, and sadness are healthy to experience, but not healthy to hold onto. Most of the time, you can rely on your friends to listen to you express your reactions, but a counselor or a therapist can offer unbiased feedback to help you heal.

Improve Yourself

In relationships, it is easy to lose your sense of self and individuality, so move forward with yourself as a priority. Maintaining a relationship takes a lot of time, which can be difficult when you previously had all this time available to focus on you. Now that the relationship is over, focus on becoming a better version of you, increasing your physical activity and improving your eating habits. You want to be healthier and stronger than before, helping you to attract someone who appreciates the effort it takes to make those changes.

Forgive Your Ex

Forgiving your ex-girlfriend is the final step to healing after a breakup. You may think your circumstances allow you to stay mad at her forever, but all anger does is prevent you from moving forward. Your anger doesn’t impact the way she is going to live her life, even if you are justified in your emotions. Forgiveness doesn’t mean reconciliation, though. You can forgive your former girlfriend for her actions against you, without falling back into the relationship.

The Path Ahead

You may find yourself looking at the world with new eyes, once you have fully healed from your breakup. Instead of prioritizing a new relationship, spend time investing in relationships with friends and family, becoming immersed in activities you once would have never given up. By focusing on yourself and your desires, you open the door to attracting someone who likes you just as you are, without having to change your entire life.