boxing-and-MMA-300x211Contact sports, such as boxing and MMA, are highly physical. Both attract fans worldwide to watch epic battles between their favorite athletes. While the two sports may seem fairly similar, they are actually vastly different. Fans of each sport have plenty to say about their opinion, usually boasting that their sport of choice is the most popular. However, each sport is popular and significant for multiple reasons.


Many fans of boxing will tell you that it is an art, requiring specific attention from each competitor to figure out how to win. Besides baseball, boxing held its stance as the second-most popular sport for 50 years. Athletes who are successful in boxing often stick around longer than individuals who participate in MMA fights, with powerful fighters lasting over 10 years, at minimum. Popular boxers of today include Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao and Keith Thurman. While some men claim that boxing is “dead,” their words seem to be proven false, as the fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao earned the sport $500 million in pay-per-view revenue, $4.4 million from pay-per-view purchases, and $71 million at the MGM Grand Arena.


MMA is a more embellished performance than boxing, with high kicks, elbows in the face, and take-downs by the opposing fighter. In comparison with boxing, MMA often provides a more active and exciting fight, which usually has very limited rules. You are allowed to hit your opponent at almost any point on the body, with little interjection from the ref, unless the other person goes limp and sustains a critical injury. While most boxing matches last several rounds, and often need to have the final call made by the judges, an MMA fight is often a fight to finish first, allowing you to spend less time in the ring to succeed.

 The Most Popular

Boxing and MMA fights are both popular for a number of reasons, eliciting a strong response from fans of each sport. While boxing has had the most long-term success in the sporting industry, MMA has been quickly growing in notoriety. Both sports are popular for a number of different reasons, which makes it difficult to determine which activity is more popular. Only time will be able to determine if MMA competitions have the potential to stick around with the same consistency of boxing, which will require more time and energy from the fighters.