Sex Therapy

Cultures throughout the world have found ways to provide sexual therapy to many individuals, but the popularity of it has risen in recent decades in the UK. This type of therapy was not introduced as a medical issue until the middle of the 20th century, since sexual addiction was still being treated like a novelty, rather than a clinical issue. Sex therapy, like other psychotherapies, is meant to help the patient reconcile their sense of self to solve the sexual issues they are facing.

Opposite Sex Drives

Speaking with a sex therapist can help to align the sex drives of you and your partner. No two people are alike, which means no two libidos are alike. Sometimes, you may want to engage in intercourse, but your wife wants to go to sleep. The opposite may be true as well. However, engaging in sex therapy creates a safe space for each person to express their sexual needs and level of desire, helping to provide “lessons” in intimacy for a better relationship.

Reconciling A Sexual Relationship After Kids

Having a child has the power to completely change your sexual relationship with your spouse. Her body undergoes many hormonal and physical changes that can make it difficult to have the energy and drive to engage in sexual intercourse. After multiple denied sexual advances, you may stop trying to persuade her all together. A man’s sex drive is more direct than a woman’s, remaining unchanged through pregnancy and child-rearing, which is why many sources believe that a man only need the carnal desire for sex to be ready. A woman often feels the need to have an emotional connection for a satisfying experience. A sex therapist is about to give you the tools to reconcile that relationship, teaching each person to communicate their sexual and non-sexual needs to their partner.

Sexual Addictions

Millions of people all over the world suffer from some kind of sexual addiction or dependence. Some signs of sexual dependence include engaging in compulsive masturbation, affairs, pornography, and sexually offensive behavior. A sexual therapist treats the addict through educating them about the disease, cognitive behavioral therapy, and medication. While sex addiction cannot be cured, a sex therapist is able to provide tools with which to handle the condition.

How Can a Sex Therapist Help Me?

A sex therapist is able to assist any adult in healing from sexual abuse, erectile dysfunction, lack of sexual libido or confidence, and stress-related issues that impact your sex life. The therapist is capable of holding a session with you alone, or with your partner, if the issues extend to your relationship. If you are suffering from any type of issue related to sex, find a sex therapist in your area to find out what help he or she can give you.